About Us

Red Ridge Whitetails, has positioned itself as an industry leader in the production of the “next generation” of whitetail genetics. With more than 20 years of combined experience in animal husbandry and whitetail breeding, Red Ridge Whitetails is committed to creating trophy class breeding and hunting stock for generations to come.

Josh Newton, Chief Operations Manager

As a first-generation deer rancher Operations Manager Josh Newton learned the hard way how to deer farm. Starting at the young age of 17 under the guidance of an industry vet he learned as much as he could about the business and has continued to hone his craft ever since.

Now decades later he helps others through various consulting efforts, education, volunteer work and more.

“Raising deer is a way of life for me.” Newton opined. “This thing (whitetail) gets in your blood and there is no kicking it!”

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